CES 2023 was the first post COVID show when things felt like they were back to normal.

I wanted to drop a few words about #CES2023. I'm a long term trade show visitor in mainly the tech and telecom segment and I was really bummed out what COVID had done for the trade shows. During the pandemic there was a lot of talk how we can do virtual shows and how Trade shows are dead and it really bummed me out.

While it's always good to measure the success of a trade show on how many leads you get from them but I feel that that there is so much more than they give. They are invigorating (albeit tough), they are a good place to observe mega trends, they are a good place to meet your industry friends and meet your remote co-workers.

It made me very happy to see #CES2023 was absolutely buzzing like the good old days pre-COVID.

Here's some preliminary numbers from them:
* Nearly 2.2 million net square feet of exhibits (70% larger than CES 2022)
* 3200+ exhibitors, including 1000 new exhibitors.
* Over 115,000 attendees (pre-audit figures)
* Over 40,000 international attendees from more than 140 countries (pre-audit figures)

With that successful show behind us I'm really looking forward to #mwc2023