Simplex Bring Your Own Operator

Many IoT solution providers who have been in the business for a longer period of time will have used multiple different Connectivity Providers such as AT&Ts Control Center or Verizon’s ThingSpace. The need for various connectivity providers is very common and is needed just to enhance in-country coverage or gain better commercial terms or when a company goes global and needs coverage outside their home country.

The solution provider ends up in a situation where their subscriptions reside behind multiple different MNO Portals. This means that IT departments have to login to multiple different portals to manage their SIM cards, the R&D department has to integrate to various different APIs and maintain them as they get updated and lastly finance department have to get costs for subscriptions from all the different platform making it nearly impossible to optimize the spend.

In this current economic environment this is just not cost effective and not the smart thing to do.

We at Simplex Wireless have a Portal that offers a single pane of view across all your deployment bases and will help you save time and money. No technical integration other than a username and password is needed to unlock the full feature set.

With a few clicks you can consolidate all your SIMs and subscriptions from all your existing and future connections in one overviewing dashboard.

The BYOO dashboard is a holistic IoT lifecycle management platform that has addressed the lack of global industry standards in the management of cellular enabled devices by normalizing the discrepancies that exist across IoT platforms into a unified management panel.