Works With Simplex

This program that allows you to verify if a device Works With with SIM based SGP.32 eSIM for IoT spec (IPAe) towards an EIM. (What's IPAe or EIM? Read Here!)
The program is free to participate for Makers of Things and OEMs th an IoT device. It's just another way that we make things simple!

Please note that our SIM card works with thousands of different makes, models and devices. This program is just for the new specification coming out.

If you would like to have your device tested for free please send us a note using our contact us form.

Works With IPAe and Simplex

Category Vendor Model Version IPAe BIP Simplex SIM Date
Router  Global Scale Technologies 5G Mochabin Router 1     03-2024
Module  Quectel EG-21GGB 1     03-2024
Module  Quectel EC-25 1     03-2024
Module  Quectel EG-25G 1     03-2024
Module  Quectel BG-77 1     03-2024
Router Teltonika RUT240 1     03-2024
Hotspot Franklin Wireless / T-Mobile T9 1     03-2024
Router Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTEA LTEA-W-T     05-2024
Module Sierra Wireless MC7455 / 1.0     05-2024
Router BEC / Billion MX-250e 1     05-2024
Quectel RM520N-GL
1     05-2024

We do not publicize devices that have failed our testing, please contact us for the full list of verified devices.

Disclaimer: Works With Simplex Program is a free program that we provide to the community. In the program we have tested and validated that the device works with the Simplex eSIM enabled SIM card (eUICC) with an IPAe implementation and our platform (EIM). The device/modem has to support the BIP STK command for the UICC open the TCP/IP connection towards the EIM. We have found out the support for BIP is sporadic and not guaranteed hence we are doing this for ourselves and the community. We do not provide any guarantees or certifications of these devices in general or the testing we have conducted.