IoT Data Plans That Work For You

3 plans to choose from

Pricing Highlights

The Simplex Way vs The Others

Simplex Pricing

No hidden fees
  • Setup fee $0
  • SIM provisioning fee $0
  • Monthly platform fee $0
  • Activation/deactivation/pause fee $0
  • eSIM download fee $0
  • Monthly Commitment $0

Other Providers

Hidden fees
  • Setup fee $5,000 - $20,000
  • SIM provisioning fee $1 - $5
  • Monthly platform fee $1,000 - $10,000
  • (de)Activation/pause fee $1 - $5
  • eSIM download fee $1 - $2
  • Monthly commitment $5,000 - $20,000

Who Does Simplex Serve?

Serving Makers and Businesses

Simplex Wireless works with Makers that are figuring things out to Businesses that are already on the market! We are built to scale from small to large!

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ)

You can enjoy the services from 1 SIM card and up! If you need less than 20 SIM cards we will provide you services through the prepaid offering. 

20 SIM cards and up we can provide Pay-as-you-go & postpaid.

Pay As You Go pricing

A pricing that is focused for paying what you use in the country that you use it in. You can select the optimal cost for your usage pattern. Low Data Price or Low Monthly Fee.


As low as $0.0050 per MB

Is PAYG for me?


  • Lowest cost for individual country
  • Many variations to fit your needs
  • Provides Low Data and High Data options

Bundled Pricing


Bundled pricing opens up flexible pools and is the easiest way for you to control your deployment base costs.  

Monthly fee includes data and each subscription contributes data to the pool.

 Customized bundles for specific country sets can be made for further precise pricing and specific use-case needs.


Starting from $0.29 for 2MB

Is Bundle for me?


  • Lowest cost for multiple countries
  • Easy to manage billing
  • pooled data across the SIM cards 



The simplest way to buy IoT data plans for your SIM card.

All the models and all the flexibility.

Starting from $5

Is Prepaid SIM card for me


  • Single upfront cost for a life-time of usage
  • Many prepaid choices from 1 year and 250mb and up!
  • Ability to top up / refill your SIM cards
  • 1 SIM card and up!