IoT Data SIM Card With Amazing Data Plans And Features To Meet Your Needs.

We have designed a unique offering that will meet both your technical and commercial needs.

Keep it Simple. Make it Simplex.


The IoT SIM card backed by an amazing platform

(* Verizon access available, contact sales@simplex

How does it work?

We have designed the easiest way to onboard for IoT data SIM cards on the market!

Use cases

Fleet Management

Connect Your Fleet


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Stream anywhere


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Logistics & Tracking

Ideal for GPS Trackers

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Trusted Connectivity


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IIoT Connected anywhere in the country

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Low data plans for all types of metering devices

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IoT Data Plans That Work For You

Pick a plan! Change your mind when ever you want and pick a new plan as you go.
Yet another way we make it easy!

Portal To Manage Your Connectivity

Data Consumption and Trending

  • SIM Card Statistics
  • Real-time Usage
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • User Administration
  • Sub account creation

On-Demand Reports and Alerts

  • Sudden Foreign Roaming
  • Un-regulated device usage
  • Rogue device behavior
  • Fraud Detection (wrong device - iPads)

Additional Features Available


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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I access the Simplex Dashboard?
The Simplex Wireless dashboard can be accessed at the Simplex Portal. If you have an issue logging in you can open a support ticket using our online form at Contact Us.
2Can I see if my SIM is online and in data sessions?
Yes, In the Simplex Portal you go to Device Details & Actions -> Select and ICCID and then go to the "Real-Time Lookup" tab to view the SIM card information.
3Can I see the location of the device?
Yes. Same as prior you can see information on each individual SIM card. Look into the section "Country" to see where your SIM card is located.
4Can I see what IP address does the device has for the current data session?
Yes. Look into the section "Current IP-Address" to see.
5Can Simplex Wireless see device activity and data traffic from the device in the network?
Simplex Wireless can only see the signaling coming from the network if it reaches Simplex Wireless network nodes. Simplex wireless CANNOT see any of the payload data.
6Does your SIM support SMS?
Yes, both Mobile originated (MO SMS) and Application originated (AO SMS).
7Does your SIM support Voice?
No, we do not support voice as this is not a mobile consumer service.
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