Simplex Wireless offers the Portal to manage your SIM cards. It has all the features you need in a modern platform with years of R&D behind it and hundreds of thousands of SIM cards managed it delivers everything you need.

All the features you would ever need

Data Consumption and Trending

  • SIM Card Statistics
  • Real-time Usage
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • User Administration
  • Sub account creation

On-Demand Reports and Alerts

  • Sudden Foreign Roaming
  • Un-regulated device usage
  • Rogue device behavior
  • Fraud Detection (wrong device - iPads)

Real-Time SIM card view

  • Check SIM card status
  • Which network connection is used
  • IP-Address
  • Errors

Multi tenancy

  • Full administration of your users
  • Add sub accounts / customers
  • Customer Administrators

Bring Your Own Operator (BYOO)

With our Portal you can bring your existing SIM cards with you under a single pane of glass. Make it easy.

You can bring over 50+ MIOs with just a few clicks of a button. Keep it Simple. Make it Simplex.

Simple Yet Powerful APIs

We offer APIs that are swagger and OpenAPI compatible.

Control your SIM fleet remotely with lifecycle management functions (activate, deactivate, pause), usage information (per SIM or Fleet) and alerts.

Easy Integration