eSIM Service Management Provider (eSMP)

The Independent eSIM Service Management that delivers on the promise. Finally the eSIM specification that companies can adapt is here.

We offer eSIM Management Service with or without Connectivity.


Keep it Simple. Make it Simplex.

eSIM Management Provider (eSMP)

Mix and Match? Not a problem.

We can be your eSIM Management Provider without being your Connectivity Provider. Keep your existing contracts, get eSIM Management independently from Simplex.

To enable your independent eSIM journey we can provide you with an eSIM enabled SIM card (eUICC + IPAe) and an eSIM IoT Management Server (EIM).

We are flexible and can mix and match components.

With Simplex we can be your independent eSIM Service Management Provider without any carrier lock ins.

Components in eSIM

The components that build eSIM

To enable eSIM there needs to be

  • Servers (DP+ and EIM)
  • SIM card (eUICCs)
  • Clients (IPAe or IPAd)
  • Network Profiles (eSIMs)


eSIM For IoT (SGP.32)

eSIM is an industry buzz word and it comes in different flavors and variations. There is a big mix and match with the specifications but this is how they are mainly used:

  • SGP.02 / M2M specification is used in Automotive industry.
  • SGP.22 / Consumer is in mobile phones such as iPhone and Androids.
  • SGP.32 / IoT is for IoT devices

We have built in native eSIM support so anything you get from Simplex can be served with a traditional plugable SIM card (2ff, 3ff, 4ff, mff2) or eSIM QR code. 

We support Consumer (SGP.22) and IoT (SGP.32) specification for eSIM. 


With eSIM Service Management being more complex we are not publishing pricing online.

It's simple, it's industry leading, it's revolutionary.